New Construction Residential

616 S Westmoreland Ave

KBA served as land use and development advisor for the now fully entitled mixed use retail and 77 unit residential live-work project. Working with the property owner, KBA played a decisive role in performing all land use entitlement project management. This included: project conceptualization, overseeing pro forma preparation, evaluating various entitlement strategies and preparing and expediting the entitlement application. KBA oversaw the work of the project’s environmental consultants and CEQA lawyers to meet deadlines.

Amp Lofts

KBA was engaged late in the process, when the proposed 180 unit Arts District project was moribund. This was due to certain key City department’s opposition to ground­-up residential development directly adjacent to the downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

955 S Broadway

The 955 S. Broadway project is a 15-story mixed use high rise project that straddles both the Broadway Theater District and South Park. Working closely with the architect, KBA was deeply involved in project conceptualization, which was complicated by the small +24,000 square foot footprint. KBA was responsible for all application preparation, expediting and project advocacy throughout the four hearing planning process.

920 South Hill

The proposed 920 S. Hill mixed use high rise project spans 32 stories, 230 residential condos and 5 commercial condos. It represents a study in how to maximize project scope on a small 23,000 square foot surface parking lot. Working closely with the project architect, KBA worked to marry the project scope with prescriptive City code and downtown design requirements. Special care has been taken to incorporate design elements inspired by nearby historic projects into this modern high rise project.

601 S Main

The 601 S. Main Omega, located in the Downtown LA Historic Core is a proposed 38 story high rise condo project with 452 residential units and 15 retail spaces. The project has been unanimously approved by the Planning Commission and City review is nearly complete. KBA was involved in project conceptualization, CEQA strategizing, application preparation/expediting and all advocacy. KBA spurred re-conceptualization of the project façade in response to public decisionmaker comment.

Victor on Venice

The Victor on Venice is a ground-up, mixed use 115 unit live/work project in West Los Angeles. By positioning the Victor as a catalytic force for transitioning the neighborhood, and with the support of a near-by movie studio publicizing the project to its professionals, Kate was able to obtain approval for eight variances and avert a $750,000 road widening.