4th Place Lofts

1028 East 4th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90013

The 4th Place Lofts, 1028-1056 East 4th Place, Arts District, is a 1920’s era brick building, an ideal candidate for adaptive reuse. Situated 20 feet behind the newly converted Molino Loft condos, the project was sensitively located. It took months of strategic planning to conceptualize a project that would be accepted by the adjacent neighbors. As The Kor Group’s land use counsel, KBA was engaged from inception in project conceptualization and performed all land use oversight. KBA overcame early opposition by devising a streetscape that both properties could share which had extensive greenscape, fountains and hardscape. The Planning Dept. then imposed an unexpected de-facto moratorium on all industrial-to-loft conversions. The project entitlement request for approval of 97 live-work loft condos and 2,000 square feet of retail was suddenly in jeopardy. KBA quickly coalesced together a broad-based support coalition. Combined with a surgically effective advocacy campaign, they demonstrated that the building was functionally obsolete for industrial use. The project was ultimately approved as requested.