601 S Main

601 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

The 601 S. Main Omega, located in the Downtown LA Historic Core is a proposed 38 story high rise condo project with 452 residential units and 15 retail spaces. The project has been unanimously approved by the Planning Commission and City review is nearly complete. KBA was involved in project conceptualization, CEQA strategizing, application preparation/expediting and all advocacy. KBA spurred re-conceptualization of the project façade in response to public decisionmaker comment. The project was approved for over-code parking, to serve the needs of four nearby historic buildings which have no parking. KBA worked closely with the environmental advisor to adopt a CEQA strategy for approval, based on an MND. KBA was responsible for the project’s inclusion of a visually appealing pedestrian promenade and an alley improvement project that includes tall wall green-space and hardscape aesthetics. Working with the Council office, KBA devised a TFAR Public Benefit package that creatively maximizes the community benefit for the neighborhood, including funding a program to house and provide support services for Skid Row’s homeless. The project entitlement scope includes a density transfer for a total 9:1 FAR (TFAR), Vesting Tentative Tract Map, and Site Plan Review. KBA has successfully navigated the project through diverse stakeholder input and multiple public hearings, without engendering an appeal or project opposition.