920 South Hill

920 South Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

The proposed 920 S. Hill mixed use high rise project spans 32 stories, 230 residential condos and 5 commercial condos. It represents a study in how to maximize project scope on a small 23,000 square foot surface parking lot. Working closely with the project architect, KBA worked to marry the project scope with prescriptive City code and downtown design requirements. Special care has been taken to incorporate design elements inspired by nearby historic projects into this modern high rise project. Additional parking is provided to meet the needs of the developer’s nearby Adaptive Reuse loft project, which has no parking. KBA championed dual use of the alley, which maintains its primacy for vehicular traffic, with tall wall green-scape and hardscape aesthetics. KBA devised a TFAR Public Benefits package surgically tailored to benefit the neighborhood, including funding to house/support Skid Row’s homeless. KBA is handling all aspects of the entitlement applications/process, which include Site Plan Review, Condo Tract Map and TFAR density transfer for a total project FAR of 11:4 to 1. Through careful strategic planning with the project’s CEQA consultant, the project MND was approved, without an EIR. KBA has successfully navigated the project through three (or four) public hearings, without appeal or opposition.