Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7000 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Project Type: 

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel owners wanted to fund a hotel facelift from an existing revenue stream. They sought KBA help to obtain off-site sign revenue by entitling a crumbling historic neon sign for digital display signage.  Given that the sign is historic, it should have been easy. Instead, it became entangled in the then City Attorney’s larger crusade to cease off-site signage citywide. The Hollywood new sign moratorium was still in effect. The City Attorney then also ruled that digital display was a disallowed use, even for an existing sign in the Hollywood Sign District. One crusade soon begat another. Overcoming myriad impediments, KBA ultimately won its hard-fought war. The solution was to accurately re-position the sign modernization as essential to historic sign restoration. More to the point, KBA was able to prove that the sign approval posed no risk of serving as a negative precedent for other signs. The Hollywood Roosevelt digital display sign is believed to be the last such off-site sign approval in Hollywood.