Las Perlas

107 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Las Perlas was originally part of a Master CUP requested that was denied by the Zoning Administrator (ZA). As a partner at the development firm re-developing the building sprang into action, Kate sprang into action. Kate oversaw the appeal application filing and presided over the appeal hearing. She refuted the ZA’s position that the project was located in a ‘sobriety zone” based on its proximity to Skid Row.  Kate mobilized a broad-based support coalition which even included several Skid Row service providers and Skid Row residents who testified that activating the street through restaurants and bars would help lower crime and improve public safety. She was able to effectively demonstrate that the ‘sobriety zone’ that the opposition maintained existed was in fact an area otherwise rife with drug abuse; and that the abuse occurred in the shadows of closed dark buildings. The result: the project was approved as originally requested. And the ZA later admitted that, in his 25 years of hearing cases, he had never seen a more effective case mounted against one of his decisions.