Molino Lofts

500 Molino St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Located in the Arts District, Molino Lofts is comprised of two 1920’s era industrial warehouse buildings converted to 91 live­-work rental lofts. In her then capacity as a partner and project executive, Kate worked with the developer to adaptively reuse and convert the project from rental to condos. The project was soon rife with complications. The construction budget morphed from a light rehab into a comprehensive rehabilitation. Entitlements were ensnared by the City’s concern about taking rental housing off the market; this despite the developer’s plans to help existing loft renters buy their units. Kate was responsible for executing the multi-­pronged entitlement strategy. She devised and executed one of the City’s first and only ‘tenant rent to own’ programs. Kate then ran successful interference during Plan Check. And she also oversaw tenant relocation during construction and their later move­ back as owners. Today Molino Lofts is a shining example of an authentic Arts District loft projects. And it stands as one of the City’s rare success stories of tenant’s transition to condo owners.