Palace Theatre

630 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
One of the oldest of the 12 surviving historic theaters located in the Broadway Theatre and Commercial District, the early Renaissance-style Palace Theatre opened in 1911 as a vaudeville and movie theater. Loosely styled after a Florentine Early Renaissance palazzo, the Palace opened in 1911.   It hosted many major stars early in its history, including Harry Houdini, Will Rogers, Fred Astaire, and a young Rita Hayworth. The greatest singers, dancers, comedians, acrobats, and animal acts in vaudeville performed here until 1926.  Then the Orpheum moved to its fourth and final location at Ninth Street and Broadway and the this theater was renamed the Palace.
KBA, working closely with the developer, spent extensive time conceptualizing the project as to flexibility of uses and creative maximization of event space. The theater seating, together with the basement and ground floor restaurant and bar uses planned, totals 2,487 seats. Extensive City review and engagement was required.  As with the other three theaters KBA entitled on Broadway’s Historic Theater District, it is a CUP that is highly strategic and innovative in  application.