Reserve Lofts

409 W Olympic
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Reserve Lofts, 409 W. Olympic, is the former headquarters of the West Coast Federal Reserve building. The ground floor is a large 7,328 square foot ballroom sized retail space. While the upper floors were converted in 2010 to 79 live-work loft units, its sumptuous ground floor retail with hand-painted ceiling tiles and terrazzo marble remained stubbornly vacant. KBA, working with the owner and the Office of Historic Resources, re-conceptualized the ground floor to make the space more inviting. They created a second entrance and large inviting sidewalk patio. Creating an added door on an historic building façade proved initially daunting. KBA worked with the architect to break up the single restaurant space to allow more flexible uses for day and evening. The CUP was approved as requested, along with the additional restaurant entry.